Roxbury man charged with shooting up house in Central Square after he returned to the scene of the crime, police say

Cambridge Police today announced the arrest of Lamaree Wallace, 20, of Roxbury, on charges he fired at least one shot into a house on William Street, off River Street, around 5:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Police say officers patrolling the William Street area today spotted Wallace on the street this morning and arrested him on both gun charges and a charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. He was walking with another man from the Lenox Street area of Roxbury, who was also arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, police say.

Police add they are continuing to look for additional suspects in the incident, which happened about a half hour after two people were shot during the Caribbean festival. Also being hunted: Suspects wanted for a double shooting in Central Square on Sept. 5.

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Possession of Marijuana with

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Possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute? I thought possession was legal? How much do you need to have on you to make it intent to distribute? Sounds like a bogus charge in this day and age.

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Don't go walking around outside with any pot, 'kay?

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At least not until you familiarize yourself better with the laws of the Commonwealth.

The law says you're not supposed to be in possession of more than an ounce at a time. But you can also be nabbed if you have less than an ounce, but have it in such a way as to look like you're getting ready to deal - like, you have bits of it in numerous small plastic bags. Now the decriminalization law did make it harder for police to charge somebody like that, in part by raising the standards for probable cause for searching somebody who, oh, has suspicious bulges in his pants (time was, just being in a car that reeked of pot was enough; not anymore).

In this case, police didn't specify how much pot the guy and his friend had, but, yes, you can still be arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, even in Massachusetts. And, going strictly on their word (I'm sure a defense attorney would have something else to say), police had probable cause for searching at least the first guy - he was, after all, wanted for shooting a gun a couple days earlier.

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