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BFD ladder collapses at two-alarm Mattapan fire

Collapsed Ladder 10

Collapsed ladder. Photo by BFD.

Firefighters were at 9 Duke St. in Mattapan tonight when Ladder 10's ladder. No firefighters were on the ladder at the time.

The Boston Fire Department reports all occupants were evacuated safely.

The cause of both the fire and the ladder collapse are under investigation.

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no one was on the ladder at the time!

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I hope the cause is reported.

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On second look, judging from the angle of the base of the ladder, it sure looks like it was lowered onto/against the roof. If it really "collapsed" the segments would be arching in the opposite direction.

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Good thing the roof was there because a firefighter was in the bucket, so it didn't fall far.

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Though if it 'collapsed' at the base and fell onto the roof, the same thing would happen.

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So did the ladder structure collapse first, or did the hydraulics? Or did nothing technically collapse on its own, but the force of the ladder being over-drawn against the roof popped the rails? We need answers, Adam.

Every time I drive past a firehouse in the morning, the full crew is out inspecting the rigs to make sure everything is in working order, ladders to the sky and all. Either they overlooked or were not competent enough to assess an imminent hydraulic/structural failure, the ladder was unknowingly damaged between inspections, or they just lowered the ladder too hard onto an unyielding roof.

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