Five-story condo building proposed for Sullivan Square

Rendering of 610 Rutherford Ave. building

Architect's rendering.

Charlestown developer Gray MacLetchie is proposing to replace a 1960s two-story building at 610 Rutherford Ave. with a five-story, 22-unit condo building with 19 parking spaces.

The proposed $5.5-million building would be wrapped by a two-building, 171-unit apartment complex now under construction.

MacLetchie's proposal calls for a mix of unit sizes, including two three-bedroom units, as well as a common roof deck and kitchen area.

The 22 residential condominium units will provide added vitality to the neighborhood with home ownership option. The new 170 unit project currently under construction adjacent to the property are rental units. The parking is located on site with the all of the spaces under the proposed building. The project site will be developed with appropriate design and site improvements to provide proper public safety and functionality. The building has been designed responding to a more commercial level of detail versus a residential “gabled” structure. We designed the building to fit within the context of the neighboring industrial designed buildings.

MacLetchie hopes to begin 14 months of construction this November.

660 Rutherford Ave. small-project review application (8.4M PDF).



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Too Bad

Such a shame when nearly the entire ground floor of a building is parking...

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Wondering if they did that

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Wondering if they did that because of the traffic noise at this location? (helps slightly to elevate above it)

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Flood zone

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The building had to be elevated anyway. Major flood zone - used to be ocean, will once again.

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I can't wait to see...

how people will try to describe locations of buildings in the future, in terms of landmark descriptions. "Yeah, it's the tall grey blocky building, just a block from...a tall grey blocky building."

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So About Andrew Square . .

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Newly approved condo building across the street from the T in Andrew gets zero parking. Newly approved condos across the street from the T at Sullivan gets 19 spots for 22 units. What gives?

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In Andrew Square

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It would have been nearly impossible to put more than a couple of spaces on the ground level of the lot given the odd triangular shape, and the neighborhood probably sees greater benefit from a restaurant or retail on the ground level of the structure.

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This is a huge improvement

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This is a huge improvement over the existing site and fits within the entire redevelopment of Sullivan Square.

At some point in the future, the roads will be redirected and re-engineered, and traffic will be calmed enough so that there aren't all sorts trucks whizzing by at all hours. Good luck to whoever lives there until then.

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