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Lose dog ran over and dies. Driver speeds off

While driving in hyde park, many drivers had to stop or speed up to get a head start in an attempt to grab a dog running in and out of traffic. At least 5 -6 vehicles were in pursuit with the unspoken team effort to save this poor dog. As cars stop in one both lanes, people jump out collectively. The dog b-lines across the street to avoid strangers, the same time one impatiant drive cuts around worried drivers who stopped and watched, he floors the gas and crushes the dog. Who then limps toward a small crowd for help crying uncontrollably. When he lays down stiff breathing and panting, until it all stops, and neither did the scum bag that killed him. A couple vehicles gave chase of this piece of sh#t and got some of his info. Not sure if it was giving to the right people. But the owner of this dog would probably feel 10 times better not knowing this for hope of finding him would be a possability, but unfortunately I was there from beginning to end. Ive always heard, "every dog has its day" and it has been on my heart since then.



Oh poor pup.... so cute and so energetic, seen him running (don't know from what or who or why) from Kellys Liquors all the way to Diana Market dodging all of us citizens trying to rescue him and in the end horrible.......... my heart breaks and seeing him on the ground so helpless and innocent.

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