New Hampshire teen may have sent threats to more than two Boston bars, authorities say

UPDATE: Bail set at $1,000.

A New Hampshire 16-year-old could be brought to Boston face arraignment by the end of today on charges he threatened to "kill everyone" at bars in Dorchester and downtown, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Evidence gathered by investigators on the smartphone-based spoofing app the kid allegedly used suggests he may have made threatening calls or sent threatening texts to more than just dBar in Dorchester and the Alley Bar downtown earlier this month, but that they were the only ones to report them to police, the DA's office says.

If detectives find additional bars who acknowledge receiving threats, the teen could face additional charges, the DA's office says. When he does arrive in Boston, he will be arraigned on charges of being delinquent for delinquency for threatening to use deadly weapons, threatening to do bodily harm, and a civil rights violation for calls made to the two bars, which have large LGBTQ clienteles.

According to the DA's office, the teen tried to cover his tracks by using an online system to mask his location, but failed rather spectacularly - detectives had enough evidence just four days after the second call to obtain an arrest warrant for him - which is how they suspect he may have targeted other bars as well:

The prosecutors and police detectives investigating the threats believe the calls were not made using a traditional cell phone number, which would have been linked with subscriber information identifying the phone’s owner. Instead, the evidence suggests, they were placed through a smartphone app that allows the user to make phone calls and send text messages through wireless internet.

Investigators identified the phone number assigned to the app and obtained the user name, email address, and alternate phone number that were entered when it was first installed. In the days that followed, they undertook extensive efforts to identify the person who created the account and determine whether he or she was the same individual who made the threatening calls.

By following a trail of defunct email addresses and reassigned phone numbers, investigators established that the juvenile had first installed and used the app on April 7, 2016. By checking the call records associated with his account, they established that the app had been used to send and receive dozens of calls and text messages to and from one of the juvenile’s close family members at around the same time as calls to two bars that reported telephoned threats to “kill everyone” and “shoot everyone in the bar” on the evenings of Nov. 9 and 10.






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You have a cheesy, pat answer for everything.

People hate for different reasons

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Perhaps his lashing out against gay bars is a manifestation of his own closeted homosexuality. Not saying he shouldn’t face the consequences for his actions, but since the only church that preaches such a raw hatred of gays and lesbians is based out of Kansas, I gotta say that a church is probably the main source of his hate.

Speaking of blind hate, I’m still trying to figure out why you hate automobile drivers so much.

Here we go again

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Here we go yet again with the knee-jerk "every boisterous homophobe is a closet homo" meme. Won't people ever move past this blatant inaccuracy? It comes up every time. It's homophobic. It's outdated. "Repressed", "closeted' homosexuals "lash out", "act out", "do sick things". Oh please. Sometimes a homophobe is just a plain old homophoobe. Believe it or not, some homophobes are actually heterosexual.

Just thowing a theory out there

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"I Hate Cars" theorized that a church was responsible for this kid ending up as he did. I'm just giving another theory. I will contend that guys who claim to be straight but obsess about gay people do seem to be hiding something. I mean, I'm a social conservative, but I could care precious less about gay bars. They'll be judged by the proper judge when time comes (assuming the likes of the WBC are right.)

Follow the Money

How about taking a look at who is funding attempts to limit gay rights and women's rights? That stuff is generally public knowledge.


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Because that's how a 16 year old decides how to act.

Or are you accusing him of being a Mormon?

please don't discount the

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please don't discount the increasing radicalization happening in online spaces frequented by young males in this country. honestly, the (incompetent) use of a spoof makes me think "4channer" before "church fundie"

Dwindling Gay Bars

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For all intents and purposed, the once cool Jacques (which is what I assume you mean by "Jock's') has become just a place for suburban females to have their bachelorette parties and act obnoxious. And Ramrod/Machine is on the way out. I think the building has been sold and is slated to become a college dorm. If this was the 70s/early 80s the little creep would have had his work cut out for him there were so many gay bars. Times have changed.

Jacque's is mainly

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Jacque's is mainly bachelorettes upstairs on Fridays and Saturdays, mainly because the gays got driven out, and the bachelorettes pay good money. Come for NoFilter every first Monday, SIP tea dances downstairs on some sundays, Drag Gauntlet on Tuesdays when it restarts, and you'll see a different crowd. The bar is trying to make the space more LGBTQ centered, I know this as I work there. But it all comes down to money; if you want more gay bars, support gay bars, short and simple.

Machine/1254 (they phased out the ramrod name like 4 years ago now) is also going strong, and has at least another year from what I've been told.

There's also a multitude of other gay/queer events that happen at gay friendly bars. The problem is not people wanting to create events, but people coming out and supporting when they themselves might feel welcome at other bars, when others do need those safe spaces, like myself.