Pot shops proposed for Dorchester, Fenway

The Dorchester Reporter reports on a proposed recreational-marijuana shop on Hancock Street in Uphams Corner - where customers would need to make an appointment first.

The Boston Sun reports on a Canadian chain that wants to open a pot shop at 120 Brookline Ave.



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So, the City shut down the

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So, the City shut down the previous legal business (a drug (alcohol) - legal & of variable social acceptability) at the Upham's Corner site (Cataloni's) because it couldn't keep from serious problems with illegal drugs.
Now, the new/prospective owners want to install a legal business (a drug (cannabis) - legal and of slightly less (on average) social acceptability) and expect no problems with illegal drugs?
Deliveries? Where will their delivery vehicles park? Will their delivery drivers pick up pizza & doritos at the place next door?
They had a meeting with the Jones Hill and Hancock associations. Great. Could they invite the other neighbors impacted? Good for Meetinghouse Hill Association for speaking up. Upham's Corner Westside is right there, too - you can see Cataloni's from the west side of Columbia - the neighbors there should be notified. At least Bob Haas was out and about.

By the way... 500-foot buffer from places where children congregate?
- 430 FT to the existing public library (and community center and summer daycamp pickup/dropoff point)
- 365 FT to the proposed public library (former BoA)
- 285 FT to the Strand Theatre (will they close the dispensary if school groups come to shows in the theater?)
- 725 FT to Saint Mary Women & Infants center (just out of range)

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Breathe Breathe

If it is like everywhere else that I've been that has legal weed, it will smell LESS like pot.

Mmmmmm ... chocolates.

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It's about time.

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It's about time.

We voted this in 2 years ago.

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its worth noting that this

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its worth noting that this will probably never open.. it will be delayed/obstructed until the owner decides its not worth his/her time and bail. gotta love massachusetts politics

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An appointment?

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What is THIS bullshit?

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An appointment, oh yeah like

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An appointment, oh yeah like you make to get beer or wine from a liquor store, or when you want to go to a bar to have a drink.

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