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Red Line riders get overheated and wilt, because some Red Line tracks need to be rebuilt

Horrible conditions on the Red Line

South Station sucks right now. Photo by Meri Persisted.

The T is reporting major delays - as in like 30 minutes - due to "a track problem" between Quincy Center and Wollaston.

Meri Persisted reports from a packed South Station:

It’s shoulder to shoulder at South Station heading to Alewife. Can’t get on the train. NOT just a Braintree bound issue. This is utterly ridiculous.

Veronica reports it's no better at Kendall:

The delay at Kendall just keeps being announced as longer and longer. No train.

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Its over 100 in the subway and the passengers will soon be popping like popcorn kernels in a microwave.

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At least look on the bright side,

now we'll be prepared when the Red Line gets worse and worse as time goes on.

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Bite into the $8 billion repair backlog. Pay off the billions in Big Dig debt. That should be the plan until 2040.

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From the T's point of view, I dont think that makes sense.

By expanding you would open up to more areas which would bring in more money.

There really isnt a punishment to not repair the T.
the riders that currently use it are still going to use it, maybe with more complaining but they are still going to use it regardless of what condition the T is in.

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Reading the T's webpage this morning, the track problem was a residual effect of them doing maintenance overnight.

I suppose if we wanted to avoid such problems (in the short run, at least) they should just forget maintenance altogether.

Also, you do realize how the bonds for the Big Dig are paid off, right?

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