Roslindale's Home for Little Wanderers could get a lot bigger, with proposal for apartments and condos

A developer working with the Home for Little Wanderers is seeking city permission to build an all new facility - and 120 condominiums and apartments, some of which would be for Home clients aging out of the state foster-care system - on the Home's 2.6-acre site at 780 American Legion Highway.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA yesterday, Alinea Capital Partners of the South End says it would tear down the home's existing building and replace it with a new "behavioral and clinical health facility" for both the Home and the Dimock Street Neighborhood Heath Center. Attached would be 22 apartments of "supported housing" for youths who have gotten too old for the services provided there but who still need some assistance.

To pay for this, Alinea is proposing to build 98 units of "market rate and workforce rental units and owner occupied town house condominium units" in a separate building on site. "Workforce" units are typically rented to people who make no more than 120% or so of the area median income.

Alinea proposed 154 parking spaces, but says it is looking at possibly leasing space from neighboring property owners for additional parking.

The letter signals that Alinea is preparing a more detailed "project notification form" for submission to the BPDA, which will then schedule at least one public hearing on the proposal. The Board of Appeals would also have to approve the project.

780 American Legion Highway letter of intent (591k PDF).



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What do the locals say?

They were very, very against the Weld / VFW development. This one is closer to 2nd tier transportation I suppose but I assume there will be a lot of pushback on this one as well.

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Much needed

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The apartments for those aging out of foster care are much needed. That's an important transition time for kids, and one where they are generally left to fend for themselves, losing all supports.

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Agree 100%. It's a needed service, is in line with The Home's mission, and would be a great use of that space. I used to work in that building 20 years ago and it was in bad shape even then. Would love to see it torn down and replaced with an updated, functional building.

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What The??!?

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22 apartments for youth okay.
98 Units for Rental? No thanks?!?
154 Parking Spaces on "neighborhood adjacent leases"? No thanks

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The 154 spaces would be on the existing property. The neighbors might be asked if they could provide more parking in addition to that.

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One pays for the other

The 22 units are 'free' if they are covered by the other 98. Seems better than taking money out of the charity itself although 98 units seems like a high opening bid which will be reduced.

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FWIW that building served as the Roslindale General Hospital well into the 1960s before it closed.

At the time the Falukner Hospital was just a little bigger. The current Faulkner is a new facility. The old hospital stood where the garage is now.

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