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Area newspapers to keep same owner, but with new name

USA Today reports the owner of GateHouse Media, which owns many of the Boston area's newspapers, will buy Gannett, then rename GateHouse as Gannett.

Meanwhile, the Boston Business Journal reports newsroom and many business-side employees at the Globe will stage a brief walkout tomorrow to protest the way contract talks are going.



I read USA Today for an overview of MSM. Gatehouse buying Gannett. Gross.

I can see USAT's liberal leaning slant going away..

I can’t tell if Gatehouse has any political positions at all. They don’t seem to care much about providing local news if their track record on the Boston area weeklies is an example. In Worcester, they killed off much of their editorializing while reprinting a few syndicated columns and editorials from other papers. Mostly they are concerned with making money and stealing their subscribers' cash by forcing them to take meaningless “premium editions”.

I didn't read the article, but this is little fish eating bigger fish. Gatehouse has a market cap of half a billion and Gannett is at 1.2 billion. Stock prices went in the opposite directions though. Gatehouse up and Gannett down.

Who are the top Executive Officers of The Boston Globe?... searching online didn't turn up all Boston Globe Divisions!

Maybe switching completely digital will work.

Going all-digital hasn’t worked well for the many magazines that have tried it. In Montreal, the #1 French paper La Presse has struggled with their all-digital plan, changed to a non-profit organization, and begs for contributions from readers. In New Orleans, the once-great Times-Picayune cut back to 3 days a week, and as a result went out of business, bought by a rival paper that moved into town with their own daily paper.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up merging all their local papers in southern New England and printing basically the same content with a few pages of news for each city.

Isnt that pretty much what the Globe does now?

The inserts depend on where it's being delivered to.

Sure, the flyers are geo-targeted in the Sunday Globe, and they have a tiny set of suburban sections on Sunday, but city readers don’t even get that, and the content of the West/North/South sections is almost the same anyway. The Globe is making a push toward Rhode Island, so maybe they’ll have a zoned section there if they grow the subscriptions. Maybe they’ll do it in Worcester as well and really go after Gatehouse, er, Gannett. I hope so, because Gatehouse has been a sad inheritor of the T&G I remember, and Worcester doesn’t have much in the way of any other media voice.

If it were not for the Globe I wouldn't know how the Wahlbergs were doing.