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One of the two men shot in Mattapan gunfire that killed grandmother is arraigned on gun charges

Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man in connection with the Saturday triple shooting on Mattapan Street that left Eleanor Maloney, 74, dead.

Anthony Davis, 37, one of the two men also shot in the drive-by, was arraigned this afternoon in a hospital room at Brigham and Women's Hospital, where he is currently a patient, on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, fourth offense and being an armed career criminal, the Suffolk County Attorney's office reports. Dorchester Municipal Court Judge Thomas Kaplanes set bail at $50,000 - and ordered that he wear a GPS monitor should he make bail.

Maloney, police say, was an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with the reason behind the gunfire.

Davis was not charged with Maloney's murder; had he been, he would have been ordered held without bail.

In February, 2014, Davis was sentenced to six years in state prison - with a year taken off for the year he'd spent awaiting trial - on a charge of illegal possession of a firearm following his arrest during a traffic stop the year before.

This followed a three-year prison sentence on a 2010 gun charge and a one-year jail sentence for a similar 2004 arrest. He was also convicted in 2002 for assault and battery and in 1999 for possession of heroin with intent to distribute, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Police add they are continuing to investigate the drive-by shooting. Anybody with information can contact homicide detectives at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

Innocent, etc.




Let that sink in.

Fourth. Firearm. Offense.

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it's outrageous - the people of Boston need to demand better. The lives of our neighbors depend on it.

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Did anyone not see this coming? 4th offense for illegal firearm possession - FOURTH!!!

How is this sack of shit walking our streets?

This armed career criminal has proven time and time again that he is a burden on society and a complete waste of space who likes to use illegal guns.

Yet for some reason, we continue to let complete shitheads like him back out to our streets so they can re-offend and kill innocent people.

My heart breaks for the Famly of Eleanor Maloney. 74 years old and a life dedicated to helping others - only to be gunned down by some fucking lowlife.

Enough of this bullshit. The police can only do so much, we have some of the nation's most strict gun laws - we need lawmakers and politician to step the fuck up and demand that these dirtbags are kept of our streets when they continue to break our gun laws.

When will Janey, and Rollins, and WU, and the rest be marching down blue hill ave demanding a ten year mandatory for illegal possession? We seem to have no problem getting thousands of people to show up and wear pink hats on the common, when is the rally for Eleanor Maloney? When is the rally to demand that judges keep us safe? Where is the outrage?

When will these leaders actually lead?

When will Rollins stop talking about crimes she won't be prosecuting, and tell us how her office WILL be dropping the fucking hammer on REPEAT ILLEGAL GUN CRIMINALS???????????? Is she a prosecutor or a social activist?

Save your "thoughts and prayers" - DO something to take these scumbags off of our streets. Do your fucking jobs.

Our politicians and judges should be ashamed. While they're all racing each other to pat Rollins on the back for her "progressive" stance on "low-level" crimes, innocent people are being gunned down by assholes who have 4 ILLEGAL GUN OFFENSES. Stop trying to virtue signal and DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS!

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Roztonian - Well said.

Our politicians need to do more when it comes to repeat offenders.

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Virtue signaling. Was Rollins the DA this whole time for all 4 offenses? What do the city councilors have to do with this? No and nothing. Quit this bs commenting and do your job. Thanks.

If you think Rollins won't prosecute this, you're nuts, not the voters.

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Buzzwords? how about anger because our "leadership" collective does nothing to protect the citizens.

Correct, Rollins wasn't the DA when he committed his first three offenses, just the one where an elderly Women was murdered. But in case you haven't noticed, the entire press cycle in Boston recently has been dominated by news on what Rollins will not be prosecuting. As a prosecutor, she should be telling us what she will be coming down on - and save all of her talk of social activism for when senior citizens aren't being gunned down in front of their homes.

What do the City Councilors have to do with this? how about everything? They are our elected officials and they should be working to ensure the well-being and safety of their constituents.

Will they all be outside the courthouse tomorrow demanding that this dirtbag be held without bail? nope. Will they act as leaders in the community and demand stricter sentences for REPEAT ILLEGAL GUN OFFENDERS? nope

We have a major problem with repeat illegal gun offenders being let out to re-offend in Boston. If you don't see that, then you are blind or don't live in Boston.

Our "leaders" should be at the forefront demanding action at the state level and from our judges. period.

Instead, they are on twitter pandering to their followers - doing nothing to change the status quo.

I am doing my job, and as a resident of Suffolk County, I want to wake up alive tomorrow so I can do it again. But my ability to do that is in jeopardy when shithead gun criminals are allowed to roam around time and time again.

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You are so right. It feels like they are just letting people go to kill again. I applaud you. Our city leaders isn't doing much at all. In fact, the residents of Boston do more for the city then they do. It's sad. Very sad. I have kids and I pray my family doesn't become victims to these pricks who love taking other people away from their family. Rest In Paradise to all the victims who lost their lives to gun violence

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that's just the stodgy old man inside you talking.

The woke thing to do is to ban law abiding citizens from possessing any firearm that isn't a match-lock musket in caliber .17 under penalty of tarring and feathering. That'll fix the problem of repeat offenders being out on the streets because woke.


On a serious note, you couldn't be more right. What people would do well to remember is that the drop in violent crime through the 90s and 2000s happened around the same time as mandatory minimums and similar tough on crime policies were implemented as a reaction to an uptick in violent crime.

Now, almost thirty years later, most of those thirty years having been some of the safest on record, we're questioning the value of tough sentencing. Maybe the cycle will repeat again, and we'll be in for another round of tough on crime legislation in about 10 or 20 years once the consequences of woke criminal justice become impossible to ignore or paper over.

One might hold out some hope for a happy medium where those who need to be put away get put away while those who can be rehabilitated are identified and given the support they need to be productive citizens, but there will always be false alarms one way or another. Our tolerance for a few fourth time offenders gunning down grannies may wax and wane inversely with our tolerance for a few wrongful convicticted people having decades stolen from their lives.

There is no God's eye view. You'll get one if you don't choose the other.

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Thanks for you post.

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On a serious note, you couldn't be more right. What people would do well to remember is that the drop in violent crime through the 90s and 2000s happened around the same time as mandatory minimums and similar tough on crime policies were implemented as a reaction to an uptick in violent crime.

Most of the "tough on crime" measures, such as three strikes and the like, were introduced as part of the '94 crime bill. But the peak violent crime rate in the US was in '92, so it is unlikely that tough sentencing did anything other than create prison overcrowding.

My favorite hypothesis for the spike in violent crime in the '60s and subsequent peak in the early '90s followed by decline through today is the Lead-crime hypothesis, which basically blames most of the problems on leaded gasoline.

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Roztonian et al- Not sure what any of this has to do with Rollins. She just became DA like 3 months ago. Also, if he was sentenced to 10 years in 2004, he'd have been out in 2014 or sooner so that wouldn't have helped. Or if he was sentenced to 10 years in 2010 he could have been out by now as well. As far as we know, Davis hasn't killed anybody so him being out or locked up may not have saved anybody's life. I understand the outrage, but if you want to live in a place where people get locked in cages for 10 or 20 years for gun possession than you can move to another state or Russia or North Korea. It's complicated, if there was an easy solution we would have it already.

Also, are you supporting tighter gun laws? Countries with tighter gun laws don't have this problem.

Finally, the Mother's Day Walk for Peace is on May 12th this year so yes Rollins, elected officials, and good people of all types will be marching in the streets over this and other violence. Will you be marching?

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Where to begin.

Let's start with my entire point - a FIRST illegal gun offense should be a mandatory 10-year sentence. period. That would have taken this shithead out of the equation from 2004-2014 (negating his ability to rack up a second gun charge in 2010 altogether). Is that difficult to factor? Not to mention that a second offense should double the time, which would mean this asshole would still be behind bars - where he obviously belongs.

"Davis hasn't killed anybody so him being out or locked up may not have saved anybody's life" - that may be the most idiotic post I have ever read on UHUB. This guy was just involved in a gun battle where a woman was killed, and it is his FOURTH ILLEGAL GUN POSSESSSION CHARGE. Residente, these are the people responsible or the bulk of the killings, gun trafficking, drug dealing, in Boston (directly or indirectly). Good Lord.

And NO, it's not "complicated" at all. If you decide to carry an illegal firearm, you most certainly SHOULD be locked away for a very long time. Save your Russia and North Korea garbage comments - I am a proud Bostonian and I abide by the laws of MY country. In turn, I expect lawmakers and judges to keep me safe from lowlife criminals who endanger our lives. They need to save the lip service and do their fucking jobs.

We would have a solution if it wasn't for apologist attitudes like yours. Yes, I will be at the peace march, but guess what - the peace march will not stop criminals from using illegal guns - only tough action will do that. Can you honestly say that things will change without taking serious action? thoughts and prayers will not save lives.

Last, Rollins has a lot to do with this because she is the DA now - she should be holding a press conference right now telling us how she is going to hammer repeat gun offenders - but instead, she is lighting up twitter trying to "enlighten us" on the pros of social activism and turning a blind eye to shoplifting, trespassing, driving with a suspended license, etc. Not exactly the message someone wants to hear when their elderly family member was just gunned down in front of their house.

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What do you hope to accomplish by marching? This is an annual march and nothing changes.
Maybe try something different?

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Do you feel the same way about people who can't drive to save other's lives or is that just "a misstep"?

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I'm not familiar with that issue, but typically I don't like "what about" arguments as they distract from the issue.

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His 4th offense?!

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Thankfully Rollins let us know that she will treat him with the dignity he deserves!

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You are fair, assemble the facts, then present them to 12 citizens who will pass judgment. This guy has not been found guilty yet.

I might disagre with some of Rollins’ agenda, but treating people with dignity is something all of us should do.

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I know how justice works. Thank ya very much.

Clearly we live in a world of injustice where Mr Davis gets 5 chances

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Are you calling for life sentences for people charged with possession of contraband, because that's what all of his previous convictions were for?

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Illegal possession of a firearm is considered to be just contraband to you?

I suppose by definition, it can be defined as so.

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I've updated the story to reflect that (which I did not realize when I first wrote it).

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The facts are not clearly posted here. This person was one of three shot and was related to the woman killed. He is not responsible for her death, but was armed at the time of the murder of his relative, the shooting of another relative and his own injury. It would be worthwhile if we assembled all of the facts prior to going down the rabbit hole.

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By a violent career criminal?

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He isn't charged with murder. Were he, he would have been held without bail.

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Let's just review for a moment, shall we?

Roztonian sez someone is:
this sack of shit,
a complete waste of space,
complete shitheads,
some fucking lowlife,
scumbags, and

all in a 334-word post. This just wrong. Is it common enough today? Yes, but that does not make it reasonable. Ad hominem arguments, taken at face value, are never clearheaded.

Denying the humanity of any person in this manner may thrill the writer, but a mind unwilling to see the human in any person, no matter how deranged his behavior, is a mind clouded to the facts and to their remedies.

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I was wondering how long it would take to outright defend the repeat criminal offender.

"Let's just review for a moment, shall we?" sure great idea.

Young Mr. Davis has convictions that include assault and battery, heroin distribution, and FOUR illegal gun possessions. His behavior has no doubt terrorized others, destroyed the fabric of his neighborhood, and placed countless lives in danger.

So please Jonas - How would you describe this man and his "humanity"?

And what about the humanity of the Women whose life was taken in this senseless tragedy?

good day sir.

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Majority of people with a gun in Boston are teenagers whose lives get threatened often. Giving a 18 year old 10 years for a 1st time gun offense is stupid. People really don't realize what it feels like to be put in a situation where you've been told that you will be killed on sight. A kid that grows up in these neighborhoods and walks through them everyday has to think about the possibility of being a victim. Many of these kids and adults have ptsd that never gets acknowledged and treated. How many veterans have done horrible crimes where doctors have said ptsd was the dominant factor? Let that sink in. We are ALL human right? Its easy for those that don't understand to say just lock them up for 10 years. How about we fix the root of the problem instead of throwing a bandaid on it. If someone's life has been threatened and he lives in an area where police have let certain people be murdered ( that is a fact that Im sure %99 of uhub commenters will never be aware of) he is going to carry a gun regardless of what the penalty is. You cant arrest your way out of a problem. Drug addicts (who do most of the street robberies and car break-ins)are rarely getting arrested nowadays there just allowed to openly do drugs get caught and not get arrested or if they are the charges are dropped because "they need help". Y'all are ok with that though. However these "other people" should just be locked away for a decade no rehab no help none of that they're just beyond saving right.

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