Brookline dispensary gets OK to start selling recreational pot next weekend

The state Cannabis Control Commission today granted permission to NETA to open its expand its existing medical dispensary in Brookline Village to sales of recreational pot starting Tuesday.

The dispensary is in the big old bank building at the corner of Washington Street and Rte. 9.



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article I saw a few days ago stating that Brookline PD requested a weekend opening to help work out the crowd difficulties on a weekend vs a weekday.

Reminds me also to avoid that place for a few months..

That intersection

It's always a bit of a mess. At least it's close to the Brookline Village T. Even as a dispensary it's always been packed so it's unclear how this will change things.

High St.

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Right near High St. appropriately enough.

Headline changed

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The place got permission to open as early as Tuesday, but, yes, the Globe is reporting they'll be waiting until Saturday.

yeh buddy

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its about time. i will also wait a few months though

Boston Area

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Hope they open more in the Boston area soon. While this is T accessible, I bet there will be plenty of extra traffic in an already congested area. I live a few blocks from here and have to pass through as a pedestrian and it's already a huge pain with the multiple construction sites (and little thought for pedestrians). At least this is further down Rt 9.

Good news bad news

Good news: convenient location
Bad news: Only realizing now that the Carvel shop on Route 9 has closed. (Didn't there use to be one across the street from this bank?)

It had been a dunkin donuts

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It had been a dunkin donuts since at least 2007. They tore the building down a few months ago and they're building a 10 condo building in it's place.