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Ciizen complaint of the day: New North End school needs a crossing guard, pronto

The new Eliot School building on Commercial Street opened to students yesterday. This morning, several concerned citizens filed 311 complaints, including this one, about the problems kids are having crossing what could be the North End's busiest, widest street, just off what could be its busiest, widest intersection:

No crossing guard for Eliot school on commercial street. Traffic is treacherous. Drivers are crazy. Someone's going to get hurt.



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Not having a crossing guard isn't what's dangerous. Cars are dangerous. Get rid of the cars. What the hell are cars even doing in the North End? The streets are like 10 feet wide from building to building.

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It's a really wide street right off what could be one of the busiest intersections in the city, really at the edge of the North End.

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St John's School, on the other hand, is in the heart of the North End, surrounded with streets so tiny that some have no usable sidewalk at all.

I'd love to see St John's and the city rollout a car-free zone around St John's.


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Young children should't be riding bikes to and from school on busy city streets. Furthermore, would you advocate small children walk to school on dark winter mornings? Earth to commenter: urban parents (gasp!) work! Not everyone has the leisure to spend additional time to get their children to school AND to get themselves to work on time in a manner which YOU approve. Oh right, you think all Boston school kids attend neighborhood schools... must be convenient to be uninformed.

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But they do, still, for kids in elementary grades, like at the Eliot. So perhaps before you accuse others of being misinformed ...

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Gotta disagree, I think streets should be safe for kids to bike on. They often aren't, but they should be.

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Well Walsh liked to wait until someone gets killed to do something about dangerous intersections and crossings. So once someone dies he'll wake up and announce emergency band aids and then maybe do something long term if it doesn't inconvenience too many drivers.

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This is very strange. All last year (and I believe the year before that), while the school was closed for renovations, there was still a crossing guard stationed there. This was rather incongruous, because very few kids were then crossing the street, what with the school not being open to students.

Whenever I saw him last (school) year, he seemed to me not unlike like a soldier left behind after a war, unaware of the changes that had occurred.

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It has been like that for a long time. But the School usually is able to get someone to fill in and they have substitute crossing guards as well I believe.

Most likely a communication issue.

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I live across the street.
Seems many drivers think the ‘Yield to Pedestrians in crosswalk’ is merely a suggestion.
That location could use a 3 way stop sign or a light- Eliot School or no school.
It is dangerous to cross there most days, no matter the season or the age of the pedestrian.

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There's been a crossing guard for students crossing Hanover St. at the Prado (usually very early in the morning). That *can* be a tough spot - cars seem unimpressed by the crosswalk and signs there, but Commercial St. is waaaaay worse.

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