Hazing alleged at Boston University

The Daily Free Press reports on the allegations against the as yet unnamed student organization, which included "sleep deprivation, strenuous physical activity, physical abuse, yelling and running errands for current members," as well as withholding food and keeping new members from studying for their classes.


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"sleep deprivation, strenuous

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"sleep deprivation, strenuous physical activity, physical abuse, yelling and running errands for current members," as well as withholding food and keeping new members from studying for their classes.

One of these things is not like the others ...

Also, Oxford Comma?

I never understood why people

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I never understood why people joined frats or sororities - even when I was that age. I couldn't wrap my head around why you would allow people to treat you like shit and/ or make you do stupid shit so you could feel like you belonged.

because not all are like that

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I belonged to a coed frat that treated pledges like people. The worst they did was have frosh do the house-cleaning chores (but then you were done for the rest of time - and now it's split among all members), spend a few days doing house maintenance between the semesters which was a bonding experience plus something all members did each fall, and one middle of the night experience that was great fun.

Meanwhile, the upper classmen were always there to help us get through difficult required courses, the house maintained quiet study hours (something I wouldn't have gotten in a dorm, for sure), and had people there for each other in times of illness or crisis. Not at all a fit with the "Animal House" image.

Right, these sorts of alternative ones can be great

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I also have many friends who found Black fraternities/sororities to be a lifeline at primarily white institutions. All of which makes me wonder if it's time we do away with the traditional fraternity/sorority systems, and encourage colleges to have housing and/or clubs based on interests and other commonalities. Living in a music house or Black Students Organization house or whatever seems to have all the benefits of the Greek system without the bullshit. And if you don't have any interests or ways to connect with others beyond being popular, going on dates, and hazing people, then maybe sit and think about that.

That is good to hear! I

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That is good to hear! I think organizations where kids help/mentor each other and the community can be wonderful for all parties involved:)


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I don't understand either. It's like joining a gang. You're alone and looking for acceptance, so you join a frat, gang and end up doing stupid stuff to try to fit in.

Many potential reasons...

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  • Access to a more vibrant social life (for those who go to college in part or whole to party)
  • Access to an employment network made up of alumni
  • Living arrangements with fewer controls than experienced in dorms
  • Access to study materials like copies of past exams for popular classes (since some faculty tend to recycle test material)
  • Parental pressure from parents who were members of a frat or sorority
  • And yeah, that need to belong

Unparalleled experience

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Joining a BU fraternity was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The benefits are lifelong brotherhood with guys older and younger from around the country, friends in other Greek orgs, amazing social life, formals, community service, sense of purpose/pride/belonging, rituals, leadership, and being around people who love the fraternity as much as you do.

It is odd to see that this

It is odd to see that this sort of hazing still exists... espcially at over 50K a pop at a place like Boston University that does not have a 300 year history of "houses".

I would think at this point that if Frats wanted to "Haze" people they would stick to low hanging fruits. Like having the pledges run errands for them and having one night where the pledges wear togas at a party or something. OR they could just have them work on a service project and conduct a small ceremony where they all recite the house oath or what not. My local community garden has a frat that comes every year , not just the pledges, to help with our garden space. They are like a tornado and do an amazing amount of work in a few hours span. It also looks like a fun bonding moment for them as the older guys show the younger guys how to use the tools and they all lift these massive wooden structures...