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The Herald could get a new owner, one that actually has a newspaper background

The New York Post reports the hedge fund that is now bleeding the Herald dry is looking to sell all its newspapers to Gannett (best known around here as the owner of USA Today). On a 1-10 scale, local media observer Dan Kennedy rates this deal as a 5.1 for the Herald, because it's not as if Gannett hasn't been squeezing its properties, either.

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Its also being reported both ways. NYPost says Gannett is being bought by DF's owner, and Kennedy reports its both ways. Whatever.. something will happen.

I see a Gannett a buyout a good thing, anything is better than DF.

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But I want to see it bled dry.

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I have a friend who has been live-tweeting the Gannett-fueled demise of the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. The playbook seems to be to fire 80% of whoever's left and reduce the paper to a sports section with ads. Stay tuned.

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Hopefully it will publish NEWS instead of lies and twisted opinion pieces like the Globe.

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IIRC, Gatehouse Media also made a bid for the Herald, but it was rejected in favor of Digital First.

Why not Gatehouse?

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Gatehouse is the Outhouse of newspaper syndicates.

Unless you want to line bird cages, train puppies, or provide shredded bedding for guinea pigs or rabbits, there's not much use for Gatehouse publications.

There's more journalism to be found on the bottom of Adam's shoes after walking through a dog park than in their so called newspapers.

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