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Hyde Park loses a sub shop, but will gain a Jamaican place

Only One Jamaica restaurant coming to Hyde Park Avenue

Signs advertising the impending arrival of Only One Jamaican restaurant went up today at 1345 Hyde Park Ave. where a D'Angelo sub shop used to be, next to the Shun Hao Gift Shop and near the Shaw's.

The restaurant would be Hyde Park's first Jamaican place.

It would be the owner Elliott Beale's third Only One Jamaican - joining take-out places on 160 Norfolk St. in Dorchester and in Brockton.



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Only One Jamaican restaurant....the THIRD!

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There can be Only One...

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At the turn of the last century this location was a gasoline station and auto repair shop named "Empire Oil Company". It was Shell in the 50's and 60's and later Texaco. Where the restaurant dining area is now used to be six repair bays with a pit for under-vehicle work while the office was where the ordering counter is now.

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I went into that Shun Hao shop for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it's a gem. Picture the sort of store that you can find in the Chinatown of any major city, but transplanted way out to the fringes of Hyde Park. It has knockoff luxury products of all flavors: handbags, shoes, watches, belt buckles, perfumes...

Not a consumer category that I patronize regularly, but it warms my heart to know it's succeeding out here.

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