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Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Cambridge is kaput

Boston Restaurant Talk reports its sudden demise.

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He says further down that it’s because he’s losing the parking lot and anticipates that without parking there won’t be enough customers. That seems like odd logic- it hasn’t even happened yet but he’s going to close the business because he thinks it will go south?

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Owning a business in a residential part of Cambridge like this is tough. It's a haul from public transit, and there's no metered parking, so everything is limited to Cambridge residents. There's also no other businesses nearby to draw foot traffic.

I don't see how such a restaurant could survive without a parking lot. And in fact, there are very few restaurants in areas like that.

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I'd be asking the city of Cambridge to change 20 or 30 of the parking spaces nearest the restaurant from "Resident Parking Only" to "2 Hour Parking Except With Resident Permit".

The neighborhood does have one other restaurant, Gran Gusto.

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I recall that neighborhood of Cambridge as a place I could never find a visitor parking spot. That may be the reason that it's been a while since I've been back there.

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I found it to be quaint and the food to be fine, but most of the time if I wanted to go, I'd be biking over there. The only other non-car or taxi/ride share option is the 83 bus route and walking from Rindge Ave. Looking around on Google maps, outside of the parking lot there seems to be maybe a single space in front of the restaurant and the rest is by permit only. Gran Gusto a bit further down the road seems to make it work, on the other hand.

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The restaurant hours don't much overlap the park hours, so it isn't an issue if you can walk 2 blocks.

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