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Labwork back in the day

Labwork in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this scene. See it larger.



Just a guess.


She’s never mentioned your left wing BS.

Maybe individual success has to do with the individuals not some cray left wing policy.

She’s the most successful person I know, and my inspiration. And she’s a republican from St. T in West Rox.

She’s also one of the first women to be a director of a DBA group for a large tech/finance firm.

Signed. An actual Roslindale kid!

I think I missed something is Suldog’s 5 word response.

Either that, or you’ve read a lot into “Girls Latin. Just a guess.”

Signed, an actual Roslindale kid whose mum graduated from Girls High School.


I'm assuming you weren't actually addressing me; perhaps you were aiming your ire at the general populace of U-Hub or at somebody else specifically? However, if you were talking to me, please feel free to affirm that.

Signed, An actual Dorchester kid!


He (assumption on my part) must have thought he was commenting on something else (or someone isn't a fan of your blog :-) ) I always enjoy your comments.

Signed, Another actual Dot kid

Thank you!


Kinda lost myself, Suldog

5th floor

I have no idea about this photo but wanted to say that these Archive photo topics are some of my faves on UHub. So much fun to see/learn about local history. Respect to folks who know enough to venture a guess.

Thanks to Adam and the unsung professionals at Boston City Archives.


I love them too. I think the only one I was 100% certain of was the photo taken on the Dorchester/Milton bridge of the trolley tracks and I was down right giddy.

Preparing ether at Massachusetts General Hospital.


I can't take it anymore. What is the answer!!!!!!!!?

Yes, I didn't actually make a guess, but I mentioned Girls High School. That puts me closest.

Thanks, anon who has some beef with Suldog, for the assist.