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Mass. Ave. restaurant seeks to expand

The owner of Home Run Cafe, 1269 Massachusetts Ave., is looking to increase the restaurant's capacity from 88 to 136 people.

Through his attorney, owner Hector Guerrero told the Zoning Board of Appeal today that to go along with the expansion, he would put in a sprinkler system and a new side exit door.

The board postponed any action on his request to enlarge his space until Jan. 28 to allow it and his attorney to research the history of the building, since it is an "existing non-conforming use" - the building has been a restaurant since before the lot's current zoning was adopted.

Current zoning would require off-street parking, which Home Run Cafe doesn't have, and the board said it wanted to see what happened in 2015, after Guerrero purchased the then Venetian Gardens.


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.... because anyone who is in the area knows that it is not a restaurant.

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I thought it was a Diner with one of those faux brick makeovers. I could swear it used to be a Diner.

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without food service?

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I lived across the street from Home Run for three years. While they have (rather expensive) food, they are, for all intents and purposes, a nightclub. This of course comes with all the associated nuisances and problems.

If I still lived in Boston, I’d be at that hearing, vigorously opposing this. I’m certain my former neighbor-landlord is.

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