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New Eliot School building opens this fall

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports on the impending opening of the new Eliot School building at 585 Commercial St., which once served as headquarters for Mitt Romney's failed 2012 presidential bid.



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how does a renovation of a relatively small building take 2 years?

AND... any truth to the rumor that the No Washington St Bridge project is stalled due to engineering issues with the foam blocks on the Charlestown side?

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I was wondering why so much stuff around here is named Eliot and I guess it's this guy (and his descendants)


This particular school is certainly named after him.

Some highlights:
• First missionary to translate the Bible, etc.. into the Algonquian languages and so accidentally created a dictionary of sorts for the language.
• Got some people expelled back to England during the Antinomian Controversy where the other side was arguing that basically if you were a 'saved Christian' the 10 commandments didn't apply to you (whaaaaaat?, guess I'll take his side there)
• Promoted the idea that government should be an elected theocracy (so, you know, Alabama)
• Was the pastor at First Church in Roxbury for 40 years.
• Was married to someone named Mumford so I guess created Mumford and Sons (his greatest sin)
• Founded Roxbury Latin.
• Fought for native American property rights

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