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Old-school Durgin-Park waitress remembers the old days, when the staff really were surly

Maureen Rogers said the waitresses had reason to be surly back in the day: The owner was prone to bouts of screaming and raging, the days were long and hard and the pay sucked.

Nina took the nasty Durgin waitress to a new level. I once saw her leaning out the unscreened window, raining change down on the heads of her departing customers, and telling them to “shove your tip up your fucking asses.”

Still, she says she'll miss the Indian pudding (and provides a recipe for it).



She used to pelt people with loose change at the old Haymarket bar where the Ritz tower is today...fun times!

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These memories were a great read. Working in bars and restaurants really does expose you to some of the worst managers and owners in the world, but also some of the best co-workers. I wish businesses would stand up for their staff when confronted by rude, insulting customers who make outrageous demands.

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