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Orange Line riders could be forgiven tearing out their hair - there's now a power problem at Sullivan Square

The MBTA is reporting delays of up to 20 minutes on the Orange Line due to "a power problem affecting Sullivan Square."



Forgive me for hijacking the thread but I rode one of the new Orange Line cars into work the Friday before Labor day. The ride was not as nubbly as Adam promised, after sitting on fabric, it is like sitting on one of those hard wooden chairs at the Brattle theatre. One promising aspect is the wider doors, inviting people to come on the train before people have gotten off, which did happen at DTX, and increasing the potential for entertaining skirmishes. The ride itself was fine.

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Definitely get your point, but I think you mean the American Repertory Theatre, also on Brattle Street. Brattle Theatre has always had movie theater style seats :)

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