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Scooter driver, passenger, seriously injured in crash with SUV in Allston

Live Boston reports the two people were taken to local hospitals with life-threatening injuries in the crash around 3:30 a.m. at Harvard and Brighton avenues. Police say the scooter driver ran a red light, WBZ reports.



Before anyone says something about scooters being dangerous, I'm pretty sure it's giant 4000lb SUVs that cause life-threatening injuries. Cars are extremely heavy and fast and thus dangerous; we need to reevaluate they way they have free reign in our cities.

Let's read better and notice the running the red light aspect pre-crash.


People make mistakes. Mistakes shouldn't be deadly. Cars make them deadly.

is not a mistake, It's a choice. The scooter caused the crash not the SUV.


Mistakes should not be deadly. But I would argue that operating a vehicle on city streets presupposes the operator would like to live so they can get to where they're going. I would also argue that driving and riding around this city around 3 or 3:30 am is an easier effort to avoid such interactions because there are less distractions. Who knows what happened here. Perhaps we will get an update.

According to the linked article, the scooter crashed into the SUV. The "car" in this case no more made this mistake deadly than a wall would have.

One of the linked articles/sites shows the car/SUV has damage to the front windshield, front passenger-side quarter panel, and front bumper, passenger side. I wonder how fast each of the vehicles were going. The scooter is in many pieces in those same photos. That had to hurt, a. lot.

Enough with this bike crap. They never ever stop at red lights. Running Lights and stop signs, no helmets, riding into the traffic.

...it was a scooter. Not a bike.

Do you need someone to explain the difference to you?

Now the second article about a car crash (not involving bikes) where you decided to conjure up bikes.

from nearby Brookline?

I didn't click on the video, but the still indicates no.

Speaking from experience, I drove a Bird and it stopped being an electric scooter and became a very heavy dumb scooter as soon as I crossed over the brookline/brighton border.

I don't know if this is true for all of them, but in my case it was.

I assume this always why I seem to see them right here every day: