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By the tree, by the tree, by the beautiful tree

Nova Scotia Christmas tree on Boston Common

Msmariamad took in the Nova Scotia Christmas tree on the Common.

Copyright Msmariamad. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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Shame they made it uglier with their decorating. Blecch. Overkill.

Oh, well. Thank you, Halifax!

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The unfortunate trend of recent years towards all white lights is so sterile and un-festive. I don't know where it came from. At least this tree is colorful.

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Yah - agree just draping strings up and down gets it lit, but looks rushed. Quite different that the Rockefeller center tree, where they wrap nearly ever branch with lights..

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Looks like a Mardi Gras tree

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Nice tree, ugly decorating.
Reminds me of my suburban home town. The "Season's Greetings" sign and decorations went up on a traffic island. The island was unlit (except for a little floodlight for the sign) and there wasn't an actual tree - just a flagpole in the middle of the island. They ran twelve strings of Christmas lights from the top of the pole to an evenly-spread circle on the ground, creating a cone-shape.

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It is harder to do, but swag/garland style looks better to my eyes than the radial lines. Whatever, another mature tree is killed and THAT is the spirit of the winter holidays!

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