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State Rep. Angelo Scaccia of Hyde Park won't seek re-election this fall


The Dorchester Reporter reports that Scaccia, the longest serving member of the House of Representatives, will retire at the end of the year.

Gretchen Van Ness, who split the progressive vote two years ago with Segun Idowu in 2018, has already announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination. The Reporter says that former City Councilor Rob Consalvo, of the Scaccia/Murphy wing of the local party, is also running.

The district includes Hyde Park and parts of Roslindale and West Roxbury.




He has long outstayed his welcome.

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He served the district well over the years. Best wishes for a long retirement.

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Happy retirement to Rep. Sciacca, one of the last moderate Democrat members of the MA legislature, a US Marine and unafraid to challenege the term-limited, unindicted co-conspirator, Speaker Bob DeLeo (D-Winthrop). Sadly there's no room for people like Sciacca on Beacon Hill these days. Thank you for your service.

Did Van Ness gather the required signatures before mid-March? I don't think it's possible to gather the necessary signatures now while still abiding by the Baker-Walsh lockdown. At least state representative only requires 150. I hear many of the congressional and county incumbents are in deep signature trouble needing 1000. Many candidates failed to gather the necessary signatures while people were still allowed to approach one another, unmasked. Some are trying to use the mail with postage paid return envelopes. Good luck!

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All your idols are draft dodging chicken hawks, a distinction I assume you share. But now someone's Marine service is a plus?

Funny how most of the people who served with honor and distinction in Congress are Democrats from Sen. Duckworth on down and on the other side, your guys are working overtime to pardon war criminals like Gallagher.

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Seems like a good guy, but way out of touch with his constituents. He torpedoed the dog
park which had huge support, because a small group of old ratchets opposed it. He told my neighbors he never called them back on an issue because they are lesbians and his religion doesn’t approve of their lifestyle. Go Gretchen! She kicks ass and truly represents everyone.

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Van Ness hasn’t impressed me much. Only time i’ve seen her do anything is fighting development in Hyde Park. We don’t need more of that in office.

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I've been his neighbor and constituent for over a decade, and I've had a few occasions to call his office in that time. He has never had the basic decency to have an intern return the call.

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Gretchen is a hard worker. Very smart. Good combo for all of us. We need a fresh set of ideas.

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Checked the Dorchester Reporter and they didn't report anything they picked up a State House news service report which reported only that Rob Consalvo was running. Universal Hub is offering the opinion " the Scaccia/Murphy wing of the local party, is also running" Get your facts straight

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That is Adam's editorializing.

Of course, when Rob gets elected, it will be interesting to see Adam's reaction.

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And the baton of entitlement is passed on . . .

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