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It may not be true what they say about snapping turtles and broomsticks, but best leave cleaning implements behind when you visit Millennium Park, just in case

Snapping turtles in West Roxbury

Roving UHub photographer Mary Ellen spotted a pair of snapping turtles down by the river in Millennium Park today, and you know what they say about snappers and broomsticks (even if those stories aren't true).



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That’s just aturtable. Reminds me of the time years ago when Magoo and Mrs. Magoo were up in the new shire of Hamp for a week on the lake. Beautiful weather and one night Magoo and Mrs Magoo got a little feisty and decided to go for a dip of the skinny kind. Well wouldn’t you know it, those snappers up there went a snap snap snapping for Magoo’s, well, magoo if you will. Magoo.

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Turtle up there with shells the size of a large zrisbee.

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More like a trash can lid

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Depends on turtle size, but they absolutely can do it if they're big enough, Se this national geographic video:


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near the Thompson Foobridge in Watertown yesterday. It was kinda hard to tell, because he had a beak impediment, but I think he was asking if anyone had any broom handles.

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