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Brookline extends outdoor dining through the winter

Brookline announced today that it's started a pilot under which restaurants that had extended their dining areas outside can keep them open through the end of March - unlike in Boston, which ended its similar program two weeks ago.

The pilot covers restaurants that had earlier won permission to add outdoor seating even if they didn't have private patio space.

For restaurants whose outdoor spaces occupy streets, the town will provide temporary barriers to keep diners safe from traffic. Additionally, restaurants may seek temporary signage to reserve parking spaces in front of their location to support takeout operations.

The town is also allowing local businesses to advertise their wares on sandwich boards on sidewalks.

More details.

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**watches first flakes fall of storm that will dump 10+ inches in the Boston area**

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still have outdoor patios occupying some parts of various streets. But I wonder how long this is really going to work.

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Brush off the snow and it will be fine for any 30+ degree days.

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This may save some restaurants from permanent closure. I expect that, in all but the worst weather (e.g. look outside) the outdoor tables will be full.

It looks like if they have their setup on the sidewalk they have to put it in when it snows, but if they have their setup in parking spaces it gets to stay there when it snows, protected by jersey barriers.

I would still feel nervous in those little huts when the plows go by.

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Have been used for a few bars in places including Brookline and Newton. If they can shovel them out and throw a tent up, it should be feasible.

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Yeah its winter, but we also can have mild winters or mild parts of them. On Sunday, it was almost 60 out and sunny. I was outside without a jacket for a good part of the day. If it can help keep even one business afloat, it's worth letting them try.

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Importantly, for restaurant space in parallel parking, the Town will provide and install jersey barriers at no cost, in order to protect diners from autos and furniture from snow plows.

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Brookline keeping patio dining open AND they have parks w/ shared hours for dog owners?!?!

Who would have thought the place you can't park overnight actually tries things first to see if they will work.

I hope it helps some businesses stay open over the winter. Boston has failed their small restaurants spectacularly.

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