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BU frat on 'probation' after members show up in video of off-campus gathering

The Daily Free Press reports Boston University put Phi Chi Theta, a "professional business and economics fraternity" on notice after the video was posted on Instagram. The fraternity in turn says it's put the members in the video - taken at an event sponsored by one of its alumni - on its own notice.



Next step will be double secret probation.

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...probation, sir?

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They wanted that tuition money, and knew they were making the pandemic worse for Boston.

And now they won't even make a show of actually punishing students who violate even the minimal rules.

Expulsion for the students.

Criminal charges for administrators.

Class action lawsuits for the university and all of those people personally.

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BU should've inflicted the same sort of punishment on the bunch of students who violated the mask wearing/social distancing rules, and the rules against having large gatherings of people that the students from Northeastern Univ. received; suspension, with no refund of their tuition. It would've served those BU students absolutely right.

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Magoo went to BU. The frat dudes there associated with the business school were mostly dingle berries. You know that one can get high smoking camel dingle berries. Magoo.

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