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Celtics player, coach, broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn dead at 86

Tommy Heinsohn - Highlights

WCVB reports.

The Celtics say farewell.

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2020 You POS

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one day back in the 90s i was in a car near watertown square and headed towards boston. when the light turned green, i crossed galen st., onto nonantum rd, headed east along the river .i immediately noticed that the car to my right was trying to get past me and trying to get ahead. i was a dumb, young man and not as cautious as i am these days so i was up for the challenge. the race was on.

we went side by side from galen st until we reached the light approaching the pancake house in brighton. it was a pretty intense race, side by side, about a foot of space between us the whole way, and it felt like we were going 200mph (it used to be two lanes in each direction but now its one lane each way because it was so DANGEROUS)

the car racing along next to me was a newer model "old man car". maybe a caddy or a high end buick. either way the guy driving it did not give me an inch the whole way! as we approached the red light, slowed down and stopped i was finally able to look over at my opponent. it took a minute to register but i was looking at the guy id watched broadcasting celtics games for as long as i could remember and he was laughing at me! before i knew it the light changed and he was gone. i didn't try to keep up, i knew i was out of my league.

rip tommy

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All my heroes drink/drank millah.

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I didn't grow up in Boston, but that didn't stop my father and I from cheering for the Celtics -- and having a grand time of it, too -- during the '60s and '70s. Tommy was among the exalted ones in our pantheon, especially for my father, who resembled him somewhat physically (didn't have his height, though). Loved that hook shot, too.
Needless to say, Dad and I thought this commercial was wonderful.

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I went to several Holy Cross games when Tommy Heinsohn and Don Prohovich from Ware were on the team.
Exciting times great memories.

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Growing up a Celtics fan, but with him as an announcer, I knew he'd been a coach and also a solid player, but for whatever reason didn't realize he'd been a star (Hall of Fame) player. That might have been partly because Russel, Cousy, Sam Jones, Havlechek, Cowens, so many others, and then the Bird era players were all there, too.

Credit to the TV retrospectives playing last night for a good look at his playing career.

I'd also forgotten about so many great Miller Light commercials. :-) Are there any great (or good) commercials running like that these days? (I'm including 'Where's the Beef', 'Time to Make the Donuts', the Bud frogs, and a few others on the list...)

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Tommy was a one of a kind guy who had connections with the Celtics and the city of Boston since the 60's. He might not have been their best player, but he was their biggest cheerleader! RIP Tommy.

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