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Fire on Eutaw Street in East Boston displaces 15

Eutaw Street fire scene

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to 37 Eutaw St. in East Boston around 9:20 p.m. for what became a two-alarm fire on the third floor.

The department says 15 people were displaced and that damage is estimated at $300,000. No injuries reported.



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I feel sorry for people in this situation. What happens to their personal belongings? Not so much the people on the third floor whose things were obviously burnt up, but the people in the rest of the building. How long do they have to stay out of the building?

Also OT: I just have to know. Is Eutaw pronounced like Utah?

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If the bus recording is correct, it’s a lot like Utah, but with the broader “aw” sound instead of the “ah” at the end.

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I'd never say House Tan for Houston though.
That's a purely NYC thing.

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Only for the street in lower Manhattan, because that's its name.

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