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Head of the Charles canceled, at least on the Charles

The Head of the Charles Regatta announced today it's canceling its annual two-day races in October because of Covid-19 concerns.

After evaluating a full range of options, abiding by Commonwealth of Massachusetts and USRowing guidelines, and in consultation with a team of infectious disease physicians at Massachusetts General Hospital, the board of directors and the executive team of the Regatta concluded that they would be unable to run the world class in-person regatta that the rowing community has come to expect, while keeping competitors, coaches, volunteers, spectators and vendors safe.

Instead, the regatta will take place in a virtual format:

Following a new, innovative format, in mid-October athletes will be able to compete by racing the length of the Head Of The Charles course (4702 meters) on their own body of water or on an ergometer, depending on their desired choice of format.

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NOTHING is going to happen in 2020. Let's just cancel everything now and get it over with. I'll be pleasantly delighted if any events with bigger crowds than a backyard picnic can happen in 2021.

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Not much is going to happen next year either, if it requires significant logistics and advance planning.

Yesterday, the Boy Scouts of America announced the postponement of the National Jamboree that would have taken place in July 2021. The event normally takes place every 4th year (though it sometimes goes off cycle for various reasons) and takes years of planning.

A year out from an event of that scale and you have to start signing large contracts and stepping up procurement. You do not want to get a couple of months out from a major, participant funded event and realize the event can't happen, you already spent or committed all of the money on the event and everyone wants a refund.

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I wish we would do a real lockdown for a month, like the countries that have eliminated the virus. It would save a lot of lives and allow us to go back to normal sooner.

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But MAGA and sh*t is so much more important...

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Massachusetts is looking good, while the non-lockdown people are sucking. We did our time, but we'll suffer again because what happens in Florida unfortunately doesn't STAY in Florida.

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I mean a real lockdown. Like no grocery stores. Only leave the house if you're sick enough to need the emergency room.

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What would people eat? How would they get medications?

It was bad enough when stay at home led people to wipe out the stores.

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Seriously...if a significant minority of USA adults weren't intransigent selfish toddlers, we could have this thing wrapped up in six weeks.

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This is definitely the Year of the Virtual Event.

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