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West Roxbury landscaping building catches on fire

Firefighter at Morrell Street fire

Firefighter before order given to get away from the building. Photo by Michael Moxley.

Boston firefighters responded shortly before 6 p.m. to at Reliable Lawn Care, 37 Morrell St., off Spring Street, near the VA hospital, for what turned into a 2-alarm fire.

Firefighters were soon ordered off the roof and out of the building, which was in danger of completely collapsing. They were also ordered to put on air masks due to hazardous materials in the building.

The occupants of four neighboring apartments were displaced, according to the Boston Fire Department, which estimates damage at $900,000.

Photo by HSM:

Morrell Street fire

Photo by Kerry O'Brien:

Morrell Street fire
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In that building. So glad it didn't explode.

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Heard and felt a significant rumble around that time. Wonder if it was a result of this. Anyone else nearby hear the same?

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At one point, one of the BFD commanders on scene warned firefighters that had happened in the rear of the building.

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