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Election roundup: Santiago, Barros test the water

WBZ reports state Rep. Jon Santiago of the South End is looking at running for mayor. The Globe reports that John Barros, who ran in 2013 (and then became one of several candidates winner Marty Walsh brought into his administration) is close to making an announcement.


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The next Boston City Council President?
Councilor Arroyo?
Councilor Baker?
Councilor Bok?
Councilor Breadon?

Councilor Edwards?
Councilor Flaherty?
Councilor Flynn?
Councilor Mejia?

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This is the best news of 2021 so far.

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....who’s back?

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Legendary poster on several Boston online communities for their posts about audio transcriptions and City Council meetings.

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If that's the best news so far, we're doomed.

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Annissa will pull West Roxbury Dorchester Southie. Enough to top(hockey mom, Dorchester girl). All other canidates will split the minority neighborhood votes. To many egos who want to be chief in the Minority/progressive communities . For record I’m not crazy about any of them. The city needs someone who is going to have to convince businesses to stay. Would not want to have another Great white flight

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At least Fish is still gone.

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theszak is a bit of an oddball maybe, but at least he's not spouting hate and racist conspiracy theories left and right.

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Szak, someone referred to you on reddit the other day and I realized how long it's been. Glad to see you're ok.

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