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Feds charge man used time awaiting trial for an Egleston Square murder to get into the heroin business

A man still awaiting trial for a 2013 drive-by gang murder on Walnut Avenue was charged last week with using his time to sell drugs.

Anthony Howard, 34, was charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute and distribution of heroin, according to the US Attorney's office, which reports he is scheduled for a probable cause and detention hearing tomorrow.

According to an affidavit by an FBI agent,

Since July of 2021, HOWARD has met with an FBI cooperating witness (“CW-1”) 1 at predetermined locations, on multiple occasions, where he has sold narcotics to CW-1. During this investigation, investigators reviewed CW-1’s consensually recorded controlled purchases of controlled substances from HOWARD. Recordings in connection with these transactions include recorded telephone calls between HOWARD and CW-1, as well as audio/video recordings of the controlled purchases.

The affidavit describes one specific purchase, on July 20, at the residence where Howard is supposed to be awaiting trial in the murder case, in which an informant used $600 supplied by the FBI to buy a "ball" containing 32 grams of heroin from Howard.

During this exchange, HOWARD directed CW-1 to hide the product in his/her pants and HOWARD then told CW-1 that he/she should never bring anyone else when they meet up. HOWARD went on to state words to the effect of "if you ever get grabbed (arrested), never give me up...I’ll come get you (and post your bail)."

Suffolk County prosecutors allege that Howard and another alleged Greenwood Street Gang member, Rasheem Christian, were cruising in a rented Durango SUV on June 1, 2013, when they pulled up to an Altima occupied by a man belonging to the rival Magnolia Intervale Columbia Gang and that man's girlfriend.

Police and prosecutors say the two Greenwood Street members opened fire. Their target survived, but Brianna Bigby was killed. This came after Howard allegedly shot two members of another rival gang, from Thetford Avenue and Wainwright Park, earlier in the day on Humboldt Avenue.

Christian went on trial in 2019, but a mistrial was declared when the jury deadlocked.

In addition to the state murder charges, Howard now faces up to 20 years in federal prison if convicted on the heroin-distribution charge.

Innocent, etc.

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Let's hope he faces a more competent prosecutor in his federal trial.

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It is still so painful with Bri gone. To see the way she was in her casket was just terrible. One of the smartest girls I’ve ever known. Praying always for her family. This guy deserves to never get out. Shooting 4 people in 2 hours is just pure evil

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We Miss you Bri! This was the worst day of life! They're not getting out this time, twin. <3

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I remember that murder. I could hear the shots as it happened. A few times after I tried looking up to see what the resolution of the case was. It happened in 2013! Still awaiting trial????? My neighbor was shot 2 years before this and there was never any published resolution to the charges I could find. Maybe they're still awaiting "trial". I guess I'll wait until they're arrested again in a story interesting enough that Adam publishes it.

And I'm told Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun violence laws in the country. I'm guessing if he did this in Texas or Florida he's be serving life without parole...if he is lucky.

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