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Getting a bit carried away with the article downloads

Harvard Business School officials hope they've stopped a mad downloading student who was grabbing up to 55,000 documents a day from online research service Factiva, the Harvard Crimson reports:

Officials blocked access to the network from a specific computer that had downloaded 5 million articles since July:

Under normal conditions, users across the entire University download a total of just 1,000 Factiva articles per day.



That is one hardworking student. I admire him/her for his/her drive, although I wonder who they might really be working for. I have heard strange tales out of Harvard of quiet students from one very large Communist dictatorship I will not name doing nothing but photograph scientific research they themselves can barely translate.

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There was an internal e-mail about that this morning. I've already deleted it, but it said something to the effect that the offender had been "educated" about the consequences of the action and had apologized.

I've written code for a different Harvard website, and in one case I put in a throttle against overuse. It's useful to remember that even educational websites need to protect themselves against misuse.

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