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Janey endorses Wu

Acting Mayor Kim Janey today urged her supporters to vote for Michelle Wu in November.

The challenges facing Boston today demand strong leadership. Over the last six months, I’ve worked with residents across our city to address the Covid-19 pandemic, keep people in their homes, get our children back to school and make our neighborhoods safer. We can’t let that work go in vain, which is why I am endorsing Michelle Wu for Mayor. Important policies like our housing agenda, equitable vaccine distribution, and how we handle mental health crises are on the line in this election. Moreover, Black and Brown residents who are most impacted by systemic inequities need a leader in City Hall who will center equity and inclusion in all her policies, and ensure they have a seat at the table when real decisions are made. I’ve worked closely with Michelle Wu on the City Council, and I believe she is the candidate with the record and the values to not only protect the progress we have made but builds upon it to create a city that is more equitable, just, and resilient.

Janey, who made her endorsement in Nubian Square, got roughly 20% of the vote in the Sept. 14 preliminary, behind Anissa Essaibi George and Andre Campbell. However, she came in first in large swaths of Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester.


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I rarely recommend my candidates using an acting manager as a reference...

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That the mayor is not the boss of the council then.

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It’s Wu. I voted for AEG

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Wonder what the quid pro quo is?

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Considering the police unions and the Trumpites are openly supporting Ms. Essaibi-George, it may be no more complicated that that.

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Wu was cruising to victory even before this. No, soon to be unemployed Kim Janey is looking for a job and sees who the new boss will be.

Of course, I'm the one who thought that Janey's "incumbent" advantage would have her in Essaibi-George's shoes now, so perhaps even with this endorsement, Wu still has a chance to blow the election. I wouldn't bet the house on that happening, but I also didn't see Trump winning in 2016. Long time between now and November 2.

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