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Nature is healing: Turkey strolls through downtown Boston

Matt Murphy spotted a turkey trotting down Custom House Street near Broad Street today:

Bird is the word in Downtown Crossing tonight (2015).
The downtown adventures of Mumbles the Turkey (2013).


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"I think that's a turkey!" Really? Think?!

I can only assume our cinematographer has never seen a hen, or maybe is new to the city and thus has missed the hundreds of stories, clips and photos documenting the Great Turkey Invasion of the past ten years.

Or maybe he assumed that every turkey looks like this.

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But downtown specifically.

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They've been in the Back Bay for a while now. And if I went more pages back in the bits you wrote, there would probably be articles on the North End and other downtownish places.

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Saw this one a few weeks ago in the green lawn by Post Office Square

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I learned turkeys have a thumb for a head and 4 fingers worth of feathers.

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Does it mean we can relax about forever chemicals that the state contaminated our water with?

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that a fish can ride a bicycle if it's foggy in Guam?

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Guam fish never get foggy. It's something in the water.

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Because somebody who is not from Boston might learn that, in fact, Boston drinking water is fine. Sucks to be from whatever hellhole you live in, sorry about that, have you considered moving?

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Good to know

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where he filed papers to run for City Council.

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