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Somebody got quite a haircut on Storrow Drive this morning

Storrowed truck on Storrow Drive

Tow driver ensures storrowed truck is ready to be hauled away. See it larger.

Mike the roving UHub photographer wasn't able to rove much this morning after another driver cleverly used one of the bridges on Storrow Drive to disassemble his truck.

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It isn’t often you see a full Storrowing. 10/10.

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See that pallet leaning precariously on the left? If only it had gone all the way and spilled onto the road, then, no question, a 10, but alas ...

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… the load needs to be far more spread out. This load was in boxes, and maybe even secured. What you really want is a "yard sale" where a bunch of loose items are strewn across Storrow.

10/10 for sure on some of the technical merits (can opening in particular, this is textbook; making it fully under the bridge; removing all of the walls of the truck) but losing points in the artistic category.

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I will cherish this comment until someone submits a better one, which probably will be soon. Thank you for the "yard sale" element, which should now be a part of every Storrowing description.

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Wasn't there a truck full of scissors that Storrowed a while back, and popped the tires of like 30 cars behind it? Wile E Coyote was on a roll that day.

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The trucks are getting hitched!

What a lovely bridal train.

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