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State board could vote Monday on controversial East Boston electrical substation

WBUR reports on the battle between Eversource and East Boston residents.

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Infrastructure needed for a green/electrified future in Suffolk County, being built next to the water in East Boston = environmental justice concern. Other than the potential for being an eyesore, isn't the community impact (i.e. pollution) similar if the station is built nearby on Logan Airport property?

Meanwhile, infrastructure used to carry out-of-state fracked gas (read: no-good fossil fuels) for export to Canada or Europe, built in an actual swamp next to an active (i.e. blasting with high-grade explosives) quarry in West Roxbury = not so much concern/outrage.

Says a lot about the responsiveness of local politicians to the concerns of different communities. It looks like Eastie's not doing so poorly with representation, particularly given Westie's high election turnout rates!

Voting closed 7