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Transformers are such drama queens

Downed transformer and pole on fire in Allston

Gamma Ray Digital had a front-row seat from across the turnpike this morning as a utility pole topped with a transformer fell across Lincoln Street near Everett Street in Allston, ending with not one but three explosions and, of course, a smoke-belching fire.

John Perotti, who looks like he's a couple doors down from Gam, videoed the conflagration:

Afterwards, Gamma Ray Digital captured the pole, now ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille:

Downed pole

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“Drama royalty” is the preferred non sexist albeit classist term.

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They used to fill transformers with PCBs. Are they using something less toxic now?

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Transformers manufactured after 1978 contain non-PCB mineral oil dielectric fluid. Transformers aren’t routinely switched out, so if this one is older, it could contain PCBs. But having remediated a lot of transformer releases as a former electrical utility contractor, I can tell you that most of even the older ones I encountered did not contain PCBs.

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That's not an especially quiet intersection.

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