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Another apartment building approved on Birmingham Parkway near Western Avenue in Brighton

Rendering of proposed 30 Leo Birmingham Parkway

Rendering by PCA.

The Zoning Board of Appeal yesterday approved the Mount Vernon Co.'s plans to replace a Santander Bank branch and parking lot at 30 Leo Birmingham Parkway with a six-story, 117-unit apartment building, with a dog run for residents, as well as solar panels on the roof, where room would be set aside for beehives.

The building, to be called the Current, would sit between Mount Vernon's completed Radius building at the corner of Birmingham and Western Avenue and another six-story building proposed by Arx Urban.

Apartments would range from studios to three-bedroom units, although 74 of them would be one-bedroom units.

Some 17% of the units - 20 in total - would be rented as affordable to people making between 50% and 110% of the Boston area median income. The city requires 13% of units be rented as affordable.

The building would have a garage for 54 cars, some in a mechanical stacker system.

On Birmingham Parkway, the company says it will build a new bus stop and a separated bicycle lane.

Mount Vernon says it will also carve out space on Lothrop Street for a small publicly accessible park.

One Lothrop Street resident, however, said the last thing he needs is a park attracting more people and noise to the area when Murray Field is right behind his house. "We deserve peace and quiet," he said, adding he is "sick to my stomach" by the way the building, when coupled with all the other residential construction in the area, is "going to ruin my family's way of life." He added he doubts the number of parking spaces is anywhere near adequate.

The BPDA board approved the proposal in September.

30 Leo Birmingham Parkway filings.

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This should have been allowed by right. At least it's getting built.

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Definitely need the housing, but that Santander branch is a classic. Back when buildings sought to create unique designs.

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Santander is a relative latecomer to the local banking scene. That building is decades older.

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It looks like it was likely originally built as a bank, right around when drivethrus got popular.

It was of course Sovereign before Santander, and before that it was a Fleet Bank. I’m sure someone here knows what it was going further back.

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People like this will never be convinced, no matter the amount of data and research. And they'll never point out the real issue *wink wink* and staunchly oppose any and all development on the grounds of parking.

I wonder if the noise from the Pike also makes them sick to their stomach, I know I can hear from just south of this area. Oh of course that may pre-date certain residents and buildings but since we are re-looking at how that highway snakes through the area and the questions about how many lanes it should have, I'm wondering if the same talking points would be valid.

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don’t work. People don’t use them. BTW 54 parking spots are not enough for this size development.

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