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Blank walls no more on McBride Street in Jamaica Plain

New mural in Jamaica Plain

OzonePhD is loving Sharif Muhammad's new mural on the side of the new self-storage place on McBride Street, next to English High School and the Southwest Corridor Park in Jamaica Plain.

The artist's work being transferred to the walls.



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Nice work.

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What a great contribution to the landscape - thank you to both Sharif Muhammad and the self storage venue!

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The mural is a part of a Stonybrook Neighborhood Association negotiated community benefit package for the large mixed use development project at McBride, Washington, and Burnett Street, that includes ExtraSpace Storage. The SNA Mural committee ran a public call for entries, and the jury of art experts and community members selected Sharif Muhammad for this area of the building and Julia Csekö for another area, to be painted in the coming weeks.

Mural painting company Studio Fresh painted Sharif’s design. That is who you see on the lift.

A press release will go out soon about the celebration event to be held once the murals are complete.

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Always glad to see some bright colors amid the cityscape.

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This was a collaborative effort between the owner (SSG Development), the Stony Brook Neighborhood Association and the BPDA over several years. A very creditable jury process led to selection of Sharif Muhammad for the work. It took some doing. Shows that painstaking dedication to the result over a long period of time can lead to great things.

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