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BPD captain who had been on paid leave for more than two years cleared of most charges

CommonWealth Magazine reports Capt Haseeb Hosein was cleared of the most serious charges against him by a hearing officer who "said the complaints against Hosein appeared to be orchestrated and called for an investigation."



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to try and wrap my head around the level of corruption and tomfoolery afoot.

…so you have a BPD Captain with a bunch of allegations filed against him. He goes on administrative leave for 2.5 years and rakes in over 600K while sitting comfortably at home during that time. When Internal Affairs finally gets around to his case, most of the violations are dismissed. For the violations that are upheld, he’s only given a verbal warning. Then…the allegations that got him placed on administrative leave in the first place are found to be part of some orchestrated smear campaign. But…this is also the same Captain was suspended for 8 months back in 2007 for lying and unbecoming conduct. But now the Captain may sue BPD for the smear campaign. Like, what in the actual world....

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Hard to be found gulty of anything when your friends are doing the investigation.

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This does not pass the political smell test. Over half a million dollars given to this guy for doing nothing? Add that he is a gross user of overtime and details.

There is corruption that is basically immoral or unethical. Then there is institutional corruption; accepted, validated and taken as the cost of doing business. Between this flow of greed and the decades of hiding a pederast and the continue abuses of details the BPD deserves to be in textbooks of how corruption of the past was institutionalized so that it is acceptable.

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He's a good, hardworking, honest man. Don't jumble him into past indiscretions of the BPD.

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