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Live bullet, swastikas found at Condon School in South Boston

City Councilors Ed Flynn and Michael Flaherty want answers after they learned from a parent that a live .45 round was found in a restroom at the Condon K-8 School on D Street, just a few days after a "a piece of paper or literature was also found at the school earlier this week displaying Nazi swastikas."

The two councilors - Flynn represents and lives in South Boston, Flaherty is at large but lives in South Boston - say they are particularly alarmed because they say the school principal did not allow the police to have gun dogs search the school.

When school leadership fails to take potential incidents of violence and hate seriously, it creates an environment that is indifferent to violence and inappropriate behavior. All of our children deserve to be in a safe, stable, and welcoming learning environment at our Boston Public Schools.

The two are asking for "a complete and thorough investigation" into how the two items wound up in the school.



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The principal is a really good principal (Chisholm) but he angered the locals by flying a Black Lives Matter & Pride flag. Now the locals (and Flaherty's cousin, the school secretary) are pushing Flaherty to get rid of the principal. Read the full statement and it's obvious that Flaherty is just trying to get rid of the principal.

The treatment of Chisholm by Flaherty is disgusting.

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Are you surprised. It's typical Southie behavior. As the last commenter said they want the Principal fired for a Black Lives Matter flag. Black Lives NEVER MATTERED OR MATTERS IN SOUTHIE

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So they wanted to search the school to get the principal fired and not keep the students and teachers safe?

Do you think they’ll just put their pal as the next principal? No, BPS will do this, and the new hire would likely support flying flags.


“According to a police report, officers asked Principal Robert Chisholm if he wanted a K-9 to search the entire building, but the principal reportedly declined.”

The principal found messages of hate and then live ammo was found the next day. When asked if he wanted further investigation into the building he said no. Why would the principal not want to exhaust all resources to keep the kids safe?

I am glad the city councilors are further investigating these acts of hate and violence.

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Because the swastika was written on a note by a staff member. The police don't need to search a building when they know who is doing this.

Look back at the last 2 years and you'll see the union that represents Flaherty's sister has been leaving terrible notes on peoples cars outside the school. The swastika was written on a note that was left by a staff member in the teachers lounge.

This is a politically motivated series of incidents to make the school look unsafe and get the principal out.

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what we really need is more of these white knights looking out for the less fortunate. two old white dudes know whats best for the rest.

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what's been going on at the Condon at the
expense of our children because Chisholm doesn't do his job! They have lost over 250 students and 20 staff in the last few years because of him and people under him who are being allowed to bully and harass others in the school. They have been allowed to spew lies, write derogatory notes pretending to be someone else (never signing a name) and singling out students and staff without any repercussions.

Chisholm, his admins and BPS need to be held accountable and these cowards who are writing these anonymous letters should be fired and also held accountable for their discriminatory actions!

There have been hundreds of complaints filed to BPS on him and his admin staff - none of which have been looked into or given any attention to. He is and has been allowed to sweep everything from sexual harassment to drugs, bullying, violence all under the rug for years.

Get your facts straight- the secretary who left because of bullying and harassment is NOT Michael Flaherty’s cousin.

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I don't know what's actually going on at that school, but reading an unregistered anon complaining that the principal anonymously slanders people seems to come ridiculously close to parody.

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This is all true, he is an awful principal and his school is failing like most Boston Schools, he is very concerned with kids self esteem and feelings ( a good thing) but not so much about their education it seems.
The Condon is getting worse not better.

Overall, our school is among the lowest performing elementary and middle schools statewide.

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I think the folks here and on Twitter and elsewhere saying they disagree with a school principal supporting Black and/or queer students should all be questioned.

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Should we assume the principal does not know which K-8 student has a fascination with swastikas?

and which one has found a bullet at home or on the street?

and that it's likely the kids are from South Boston because of where the Condon K-8 is located?

I really does sound like city councilors are pushing the principle to handle the question the way they see fit, not the way he sees fit. They may have a good reason or as suggested it may be an entirely different issue altogether.

I want Boston Schools to be as good and as well resourced as Newton South. This example because the Boston Globe did a profile on Newtown South as a point of comparison with Boston Schools.

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Who identified the round as .45 caliber? A student, teacher, principal, police?

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I know several families that send their kids to Condon Elementary School. They all think Principal Chisholm is great considering the limitations he has due to the Boston Teachers Union contract.

If people are concerned about the quality of Boston Public Schools they should focus their attention on the Boston Teachers Union. If there was ever an organization that needs defunding...

- A Boston Public School Parent & Volunteer

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The outgoing superintendent does not care about BPS, teachers, staff or our children and now is defending the incompetent principal of the Condon school. She knows right well what kind of bully he is as ALL of the ongoing issues at this school have been reported to her over the past year. Yet she did NOTHING about it.

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