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Looks like somebody beamed up from Hyde Park this evening

Unusual sunset

Darryl Houston couldn't help but notice the unusual sunset flaring from the Hyde Park library today.

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Is that how Prince William and Princess Catherine are getting back home?

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I have pics with a similar atmospheric light shaft thing going on taken when travelling down the MassPike around this time of year a while back.

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I read a post that said it is a Sun Pillar+ very rare!!

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You don't need the sun to make a light pillar. Any old volcano will do.


This is from a truly wonderful website, Atmospheric Optics. Here's the start page for the section on Pillars, which goes on for several pages:


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That volcano light pillar is absolutely spectacular but in person I think I'd be terrified. Imagine seeing some of these things hundreds of years ago or even thousands? Things like this and eclipses must have really felt hugely impactful

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The Greeks thought that Zeus had imprisoned his most powerful enemy, Typhon, under Etna, and that Hephaestus had his forge there. Terror and fascination combined. I think the best word for it is awe.

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Love, Big Sis :)

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