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New condos proposed for Dudley Street in Roxbury

Rendering of Dudley Kenilworth condos

Drone-view rendering by Placetailor Elton Hampton Design.

Two developers have proposed replacing a former Masonic lodge at Dudley and Kenilworth streets in Roxbury with 22 condos.

The New Urban Collaborative of the South End and Placetailor Real Estate Development of Mission Hill filed formal plans for their proposed Dudley Kenilworth Homes with the BPDA last week. In 2020, the two paid $1.7 million to buy the former home of the Most Worshipful George Washington Carver Grand Lodge, which is now based out of Russell Auditorium on Talbot Avenue in Dorchester.

The project would consist of three connected buildings. Three of the units would be sold as affordable, to people making between 80% and 100% of the Boston area median income.

The project includes ground-floor commercial space, intended for "community gathering space, startup incubator, co-working space, archive gallery, or an artist space."

The project would have no parking spaces, but the developers say that by reducing curb cuts, it would add six on-street parking spaces.

In addition to the BPDA, the project would need approval from the Zoning Board of Appeal and the Boston Landmarks Commission.

Dudley Kenilworth Homes filings and meeting schedule.



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I love the massing. I love the lack of off-street parking. I like having 3 buildings and parcels.


  • Some of the units don't have a real secondary means of egress.
  • The basement level of the community space is inaccessible.

did no one think to check that before they submitted plans?

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Building up to 4 stories doesn't really fit into the existing architecture of the surrounding buildings in the neighborhood. Are they really going to leave just a blank wall at the bottom of the Y shaped area? Those building are not at all aesthetically pleasing as rendered.

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But, lol. It's next to 3 story row houses, across from 3 story row houses, with a 4 story building on the other end of the block, which is across from a 4 story building.

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All I saw was a modified widows walk and I don't count that as a floor in a building. It's part of the roof.

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