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Two-car crash involving a BPD cruiser in Roslindale sends three to the hospital

Car crash in Roslindale

Around 8:15 p.m. at Cummins Highway and Sycamore Street. At least three people, including a child and a police officer, transported to the hospital for observation, NBC Boston reports.



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Looking forward to learning why the officer plowed into the side of the SUV.

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(1) The SUV blew the light on Sycamore and came into contact with the cruiser proceeding up Cummins.

(2) The cruiser blew the light on Cummins, coming into contact with the SUV proceeding from Sycamore.

The building that holds the laundry (for old timers like me, the building where Swensen's bakery was) is a blind spot. That traffic light is a good thing, assuming people stop on the red.

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Also the sun is right in your eyes going east on Cummins 7:30-9A every morning in the winter (looks like the cop was going east). Which is a great reason to slow down, put your sunshade down, maybe wear some sunglasses.

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Pm or am?

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I was walking 2 blocks away right after this and was wondering why there was a helicopter flying over me. Now I know.

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