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Where to get your spritz on in Boston this roaster broaster of a weekend

The city's out with a list of city parks that will have "water features" turned on this weekend, a week earlier than usual, because of the predicted high temperatures.

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I get it, those are the City of Boston parks with water features on now, but they are not all the parks with water features on now in the city of Boston--the Greenway has some on (https://www.facebook.com/rosekennedygreenway/posts/377510521082001) and DCR also does (Johnson Park/Green Street in JP at least, and probably more in the SW Corridor).

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Thanks. This is genuinely helpful. Before I was annoyed JP only had one spot open on the city’s list.

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Conveniently located seconds away from the air-conditioned Prudential Center.

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Here are some Heat Safety Tips from Massachusetts Emergency Management: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/extreme-heat-safety-tips

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If you’re of the Cambridge persuasion, the splash pad in North Point Park near EF has been up and running for the past week.

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