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BHA building in the South End finally gets its elevator fixed after 15 days

GBH reports on the end of a crisis for resident who are disabled or elderly and who couldn't get down the stairs from their apartments without help.

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Every public housing development, maybe even every public building, in the city has a specific name. Does anyone else think it’s odd that the development isn’t named in this story?

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As somebody who plays as a reporter, I'm going to guess that the reporter at GBH who broke the story and who has been covering it for days now, simply forgot to throw in that the building is one of the Ruth Lillian Barkley Apartments on Washington Street, unlike in this story. It happens.

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Really? A building that big with only one elevator? Can't they add a second at the end of a hallway or such?

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Indicates the high rises have 2 elevators. I wonder if the broken elevator was in one of the 3-story buildings.

Nonetheless, still shameful it took as long as it did for repairs to be made.

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