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The day Little Joe escaped from the Franklin Park Zoo

WCVB reports on the 20th anniversary of the day Little Joe the gorilla escaped confinement at the Franklin Park Zoo, and updates us on his current status.

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20 years? Wow! Time flies.

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His MBTA is still delayed.

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One thing about the story which bugs me is the context for the gorilla attacking the little kid.

According to the original reporting, the attack was provoked. The little girl was being led through the zoo by her aunt, who happened to be a zoo employee. The aunt saw the escaped gorilla and proceeded to slam a door shut to keep it from passing through. She slammed the door on the gorilla's hand, which explains the gorilla's violent reaction. It wasn't like the gorilla attacked someone for no reason. If the aunt had the left the gorilla alone, then the gorilla probably would have left her alone.

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Racists WEEI Dennis & Callahan’s finest moment. I never listened again. It was all very downhill for them afterwards.

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… at one point he was spotted waiting for the 22 bus at a bus stop on Seaver St.

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