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Fishing supplies, groceries and the daily news all in one place

Block of stores in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.

What might have grabbed the guy's eye in the day's paper?

Two men with a newspaper


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Done before - 2016. This would be in the middle of Christopher Columbus Park now.


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It's actually right in the middle of the Boston Marriott.


(may need to zoom in/out to get the 1880 atlas to show up with the 183-197 block of Atlantic Ave in view overlapping the Marriot building.

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The T Wharf sign gives it away.

A look at the Bromley atlas from 1898 shows that it is the east side (land side) of Atlantic Ave., in the block between South Market St. and Commerce St., directly opposite T Wharf itself. The block of 2-story wooden buildings was owned by the heirs of Martin Brimmer.

Christopher Columbus Park and Tia's restaurant (part of the Marriott Long Wharf) are on the site today.

It was probably taken just in advance of construction of the Atlantic Ave. Elevated, which opened in 1901.

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>What might have grabbed the guy's eye in the day's paper?

Perhaps a photo or illustration of a woman with *exposed ankles*!

If it was the fall of 1901, maybe a Dan Shaughnessy column looking back on the inaugural season of the Boston Americans: "So, 34-year-old Cy Young pitches 38 complete games for the Bostons. Swell. By this time next year, he'll have blown his arm out."

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Thanks for playing folks! This is indeed the west side of Atlantic Ave, north of Commerce Street, in November of 1900.

Apologies for the repeat from 2016!

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